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About us

Bendigo Hat Shop
Proprietor Ali Blood.
Every Hat For Every Occasion.

Celebrating 30 happy and satisfying years of serving Australia and the world.

Central Victoria’s ‘go to’ for head wear.

Sometimes dreams really do come true. To fill a growing need for hats of all varieties in Central Victoria, Ali started a small business in 1986. She took to the road to promote men’s and women’s hats to the broadest possible audience, Ali found that audience at field days, country shows and major events.

From humble beginnings and hard work, displaying limited stock on card tables and using the family car to get her from venue to venue, the business grew – slowly at first, then by leaps and bounds, until her appearance at these events was actually in demand from year to year. She was working the length and breadth of Eastern Australia.

People began to express a desire to place orders throughout the year, rather than just at their local event once a year. The reason? Ali stocked just about every kind of hat sold in Australia, from berets to Top Hats, from high fashion millinery to outback work hats, and hats for infants, children and seniors. So was born The Bendigo Hat Shop.

Not wanting to give up her ‘Gypsy Spirit’ entirely, while at events, Ali feels very fortunate to leave the shop in the safe and loving hands of ‘The Girls’, Narrena, Mary and Heather. Their combined years of experience in the hat ‘industry’ total more than seventy.

The Bendigo Hat Shop is a popular point of interest and service for locals as well as the many visitors who visit the historic and picturesque city of Bendigo. Hats have often been purchased in the shop to travel all over the world. On one occasion, a hat travelled to London to be worn by a lady visiting the Queen.

Altering and/or redecorating is often performed on hats to suit a particular outfit or individual taste. As well as a vast array of all headwear from casual to formal, individually made to order leather hats, The Bendigo Hat Shop also stocks wraps, gloves and scarves for ladies and gents.

If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for in the shop, Ali and the girls will do their very best to source it for you.